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karac is your go-to digital communication agency in Pully. It is made up of a young, dynamic and professional team which wants to help you achieve your wildest projects!

karac team

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Axel Piaget
Joël Buchs
Elliott Chiaradia

Axel Piaget

Always first at the office

Joël Buchs

An exercise ball is a chair, right?

Elliott Chiaradia

Consumes one bottle of tabasco per week

Elliott devant les travaux


After having met during studies, the three future founders worked in different professional endeavors, but they never lost sight of each other.

Thanks to their complementary professional experiences, the idea of creating a digital communication agency emerged at the end of 2015. In November 2016, the decision was officially made, karac was born!

Our three companions quickly took matters into their own hands. They settled down in Pully and got to work on their dream project.


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